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The Mayflower is a 1935 Terrytoons cartoon.


A lot of wacky Pilgrims pilgrims start out on the Mayflower dancing and singing. The merry Mayflower lands them at Plymouth Rock (which is conveniently labeled), and everyone- including the furniture- swims for shore. They're greeted by Indians and rhythm. The Indians see them coming and come out on the warpath- with hot dogs, ice cream, real estate agents, etc. The war dance is a hot boogie. There are "hot dogs" and "Indian corn." Hot dogs dance the Pup Polka. Thanksgiving comes, and Indians chase turkey hunters. The hot dogs start chasing a real dog, and the Pilgrim shoots the hot dogs. The Indians get mad and start attacking the Pilgrims- but a pilgrim has some super-good luck and wipes out all of the Indians.