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The Outpost is a 1942 Terrytoons cartoon.


Gandy Goose and Sourpuss, in army uniforms, manned a far pacific advance station themselves. One day, Japanese planes try to bomb them, and are shot down. Then, sighting an enemy battleship, and itching for action, they jump into a PT boat to catch it. They climb up the anchor chain and board her. The Japanese sailors are large, fat pigs. Guns blazing, they chase Gandy and Sourpuss around the deck, and they shoot and chase them too. Many are tricked into putting their heads into a porthole and getting knocked silly, falling off the side. Another sailor is fooled by Gandy using cartridges for teeth and squinting his eyes into thinking he's another Japanese. Their leader, a full-dress Admiral, is stuffed into an anti-aircraft gun with a bar of soap, shot out in a soap bubble, then brought down with a slingshot. The Admiral takes off for our heroes with a barrel of gunpowder, not realizing Sourpuss has set it alight. The boys escape as the battleship explodes.