The Wolf's Pardon is a 1947 Terrytoons cartoon.

Wolf pardon


In the last 10 years, much has changed in the world of Mother Goose. Little Boy Blue is now a hot jazz trumpeter; Little Tommy Tucker is a crooner; Tom Tom the Piper's Son is a cop; and the Big Bad Wolf is about to be paroled. He visits the three little pigs, but they're bigger than him now and run a construction company. Finally, he goes after Little Red Riding Hood; as expected, she's all grown up now, and as he approaches from behind, she's playing the piano, singing beautifully, and looks great until she turns around, wearing glasses, buck teeth, and looking just plain ugly. She's also man crazy, and chases after the wolf, who finally escapes into a soda shoppe where he's smothered with kisses from all the girls there.


Crooners, swing, jive and zoot suits figure in this musical cartoon, in which a wolf gets mobbed and kissed by adoring young women. The Big Bad Wolf finally gets out of prison after serving 10 years, and he notices the changes that time has brought to Mother Gooseland. Little Boy Blue plays jazz. Little Tommy Tucker, who sang for his supper, now sings professionally. Tom Tom the Piper's Son is a cop. The wolf visits the Three Little Pigs. They own a construction company and are too big to be pushed around any more. He goes after Little Red Riding Hood, and she's all grown up. He approaches from behind, and he thinks that she looks great until she turns around. It seems that the past 10 years haven't been to kind to Red Riding Hood. He sees that her face is just plain ugly, but she immediately takes to him, and she chases after the wolf. (Apparently, wolves have become sex symbols during his absence.) He loses her by ducking into a store. The store is filled with young women. They corner him and kiss him.