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The Wreck of the Hesperus is a 1944 animated short. It is the 8th short of the Mighty Mouse theatrical series, and the first one with his name officially changed from Super Mouse to Mighty Mouse.

The first title card with the official Mighty Mouse name


The old captain and his daughter in danger

An old sea captain takes his young daughter along on a voyage. The sea gets rough, but the captain thinks that he can make his way. When the hurricane hits the Hesperus, the skipper faces shoals and shipwreck. As the captain lashes his daughter to the mast, the sharks and octopi set the table for a meal. The mouse crew is helpless. The mice use doughnuts as life preservers. One member of the crew sends for Mighty Mouse. Mighty hears an SOS, dashes to the rescue and shoos off the sharks. He tows the ship to New York and, in the finale, rides up Broadway in a shower of tickertape.


  • Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
  • Cartoon Characters: Mighty Mouse, Captain, Captain's Daughter, Other Mice, Sharks, Octopuses.
  • Originally Released in 1944.
  • TechniColor
  • Running Time: 5:50 minutes.
  • U.S.A.