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Thomas Lee (Tom) Morrison was a Sound Director, Voice Actor, Writer, and more Who Worked On Terrytoons From 1937-1971, He was the Last Director from the studio before it Shut Down,


Toms First work at Terrytoons was unknown. but according to IMDB. His earliest credit is the 1937 Puddy the Pup cartoon. "The Dog and the Bone", He was known as a good writer, and he Done Voices for Gandy Goose and Sourpuss After Arthur Kay Left in 1941 and more, He got his first credit in 1950 after Longtime Terrytoons writer. John Foster retired. He was also a Script and Continuity man, and a Sound Director, and the Voice of Mighty Mouse For a While, After Art Bartsch Died, Tom was one of the last remaining people at Terrytoons, Even after when the production of new cartoons stopped in 1968. He still worked for the studio until 1972, after that. He was laid off and died. But he did manage to get an interview or two.

Voice Work[]

Narrator for Most Cartoons

Mighty Mouse

Gandy Goose and Sourpuss

Little Roquefort

Oil Can Harry

and Additional Voices


  • According to a 1982 article about the Terrytoon studio. His mom also worked for the studio and was 101 years old at the time. And that Tom died sometime BEFORE That article was made
  • He was afraid about computers taking over the animation industry and was very against the notive. Saying that "It won't be animation if the human intelligence, the creativity. is taken out of it"