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Wolf! Wolf! is a 1944 Mighty Mouse cartoon.


A flock of cute little lambs are playing in a meadow when a gang of shifty wolves decides to grab one for dinner. One of the wolves attempts many different ways to coax a sheep to the wolves' den (a house where the other drunken wolves are passed out on the lawn from the discarded moonshine bottles). He disguises himself as a buxom Little Bo Peep with the help of strategically placed barbells (the other wolves let out wolf whistles). The Bo Peep wolf plays a flute in order to lure a lamb into the clutches of his buddies (who provide jazz accompaniment). When that fails, the Bo Peep wolf plays a screaming hot trumpet and lures the lamb successfully. The lamb goes into the pot, but Mighty Mouse (in his treetop penthouse) hears a bleat. He smells trouble and comes to the rescue, throwing lightning bolts and wrecking the wolves' den. Mighty Mouse rescues the lamb, causing the wolves to end up in a wacky riot.


  • Frank Graham - Wolf
  • John McLeish - Narrator


This cartoon entered the Public Domain in 1972.